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On this page, please find information to support your consultations during COVID-19. New services and pathways will be tagged to this page.

Covid-19 Resources

NEL Covid-19 GP website

Long Covid Resources

Covid-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy

Covid-19 Vaccination FAQ - April 2021


Group Consultations and Virtual Group Consultations

View our page on this here.


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Abortion Care Services

Service for termination of pregnancies

ACERS Community Heart Failure Service During Covid

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the heart failure nursing team continues to provide the service in an altered capacity.

Advice and Guidance

Consultant advice and guidance

Barts Health Kidney Service during Covid

Barts Health Kidney Service during Covid for urgent clinical kidney questions.

Bereavement Service for Young People and Families

Support to children, young people and families who have lost a family member, care giver or other significant person.

City and Hackney Recovery Service

Substance misuse support for patients aged over 18 and their families

COVID-19 One-Stop Homerton Heart Failure Service Model

COVID-19 One-Stop Homerton Heart Failure Service Model

Daytime Palliative Rapid Response Nursing Team

Palliative Rapid Response Adult Community Nursing service (7 Day 08:30-17:00)

Doorstep Assessment Service (DAS)

This service provides GP’s with a one off reading to enable the GP to decide how best to support/manage patients presenting with Covid-19

Enhanced Discharge Monitoring Service

To allow GPs to care for patients who have been discharged to via the Enhanced Discharge Pathway who have SpO2 readings of between 91% - 92%

GP Patient Transport (Oncue Transport)

Patient transport service for patients to attend appointments in GP Practices for long-term condition monitoring and COVID-19 Vaccinations

Local Sexual Health Services during Covid-19

For treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, contraception services and HIV testing an prevention

Post-COVID Assessment and Rehabilitation Services

Post-COVID Assessment and Rehabilitation Services

Primary and Secondary Care Communications During Covid

HAMU, Emergency Department, Geriatrician, Duty Doctor

St Joseph's Hospice

Services available at St Joseph's Hospice

Dr Stephanie Coughlin, clinical lead for COVID-19

Covid-19 Clinical Lead

Dr Stephanie Coughlin

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Referral Management

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