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Urgent cancer diagnostic services during COVID-19

COVID-19 Cancer information for City and Hackney (December 2020)



Resources, Information and Support for people living with and beyond cancer City and Hackney - With the closure of the Macmillan social prescribing service, we would like to share an alternative support document for your patients people living with and beyond cancer City and Hackney. The document includes both national support services as well as highlighting some key support available locally. (see download section).

2WW referral

For 2WW referrals, please use the Pan London Referral Form.

For patients who do not fit the NG12 tumour group 2WW pathway please consider using the Rapid Diagnostic Clinic at the Royal London Hospital. Inclusion criteria can be found on the referral form in the downloads section - 'BH MRADC Referral Form'.

 Search code for the form on EMIS is RP Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centre Referral Form.rtf

Search code on e-RS is  priority cancer referral or RDC

Yearly Audit 

Please consider doing the annual cancer routes to diagnosis audit, the template is available to view here. Some practices do this every year, as it has great educational value and is useful for appraisal.

GP Significant Event Analysis (SEA)

Use the RCGP toolkit as well as the report template and appraisal template located in the Downloads section.

Prevalence Improvement Search

This search will help you identify patients with incorrect cancer codes who are not coming up in routine searches. This will help you identify your true population of patients eligible for Time to Talk cancer appointments, and the CCG get an idea of the true prevalence of people living with and beyond cancer in Hackney. See the Downloads section for instuctions on ow to use search.

Cancer Care Review (CCR)

We are encouraging practices to complete a CCR within 6 months of a patient diagnosed with cancer.

Resources to support this review can be found below

​Carrying at an effective CCR – Tips sheet

Cancer Resources 

Cancer Research UK Symptom Reference Guide 

See the one page CRUK Symptom Reference guide here.

RCGP/ Macmillan Consequences of Cancer Toolkit: click here.

Reshma Shah, clinical lead for Cancer

Cancer Clinical Lead

Reshma Shah

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