Gender Identity

Public Health England have developed an information leaflet for trans and non-binary individuals. See Downloads for more information.

The leaflet explains who is invited for screening for breast cancer, bowel cancer, cervical and abdominal aortic aneurysm. It includes important information about all four screening processes and how to access additional support and advice.​

Useful links:

Guidance on legal name change:  Change Name Deed Poll

Fertility advice: Fertility Preservation: very important to discuss early on, GPs can bring it up with patients when they ask for Gender Identity Clinic referral . GP will need to apply to CCG for funding  

Sexual health:

  • CliniQ  & Dean Street 56T:  Trans and non-binary sexual health and general advice services. Provides counselling and smear testing for trans guys: It is very important to ensure transgender men and non-binary people (who were assigned female at birth) keep up to date with cervical smear testing (if have not had total hysterectomy)
  • Sex Trans Woman
  • Sex Trans Man