Coronavirus: Click for advice for patients infected during pregnancy

Coronavirus: Changes to maternity pathways and services

New Antenatal Referral Form November 2019

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Change in Aspirin policy

We are recommending pregnant women at risk of pre-eclampsia take 150mg daily from 12 weeks gestation (as opposed to the previous 75mg), in response to the updated NICE guidance.

Information pack for pregnant smokers

Public Health England have launched a new information pack for pregnant smokers.

The pack includes information about the health risks, a myth buster, advice on the support available from local stop smoking services and tips on dealing with cravings and stress. It is a clinical resource designed to be shared as part of a confidential and supportive 1-1 intervention by a midwife, or member of the midwifery team – if you feel it would help.

Your can order the pack for your patients here (Password: stopsmoking).

Balvinder Duggal, clinical lead for Maternity


Balvinder Duggal

Natalie Settle, clinical lead for Maternity

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