Contacting the Homerton diabetes team:

  • Patients who may have new type 1 diabetes – and are not yet severely ill – Contact for same day assessment   07833048047 or 0208 510 5555 bleep 065 
  • Advice about patients who are not acutely unwell – make an Advice and Guidance request on e-RS
  • Patients who are acutely unwell – send to the local Accident and Emergency Department 
  • For general advice on diabetes management that is non-patient specific – Email  huh-tr.endocrine.genmed.diabetes@nhs.net 

Coronavirus: Changes to Diabetes services

Diabetes hba1c > 9.5%

Diabetes resources to support remote management, including self-care resources

Diabetes CNS Team Role Changes

Due to redeployment Diabetes CNS currently have reduced Community Clinic presence and will be focusing on seeing high priority patients rather than seeing all high risk patients.


Advice for your patients

Advice for patients managing their diabetes during Ramadan

Diabetes and Covid-19 Support

Coronavirus: advice for patients with diabetes

Diabetes UK - patient webpage and helpline

Useful Resources - Managing diabetes

Patient support resources:Treatment of HypoglycaemiaMobile app for people with T1 diabetesDiabetes Twitter GroupTeam Diabetes 101: How to understand hazard ratios and how to 'hack' your HbA1cTeam Diabetes 101: FAQs about Diabetes following the latest data and COVID-19 (20.05.20)

Sick Day Rules:

Sick day rules - reference for professionals

Type 1 diabetes sick day rules - ketone testing

Type 1 diabetes sick day rules - simple guide

Type 2 diabetes sick day rules

Type 2 diabetes sick day rules - in detail for patients

National Diabetes Prevention Programme Reminder

The National Diabetes Prevention Programme is still running and offering patients remote support groups.  Please remember you can still refer patients to the programme and the criteria have been extended to allow anyone with an HbA1C in the risk range recorded in the last 24 months to be referred.  Please see the information on this link https://bit.ly/2UtAZ3f  which can also be shared with patients via SMS




Advice and Guidance

Homerton provides diabetes advice and guidance, view the advice and guidance page for contact details. 

Referral form for Diabetes Education delivered by Hackney Diabetes Centre – now available on EMIS!

There is now a new diabetes education referral form for EMIS (please view within downloads section).

You can find it on EMIS via “document” (within a patient consultation) > “create letter” > Search “RP Hackney Diabetes Centre Referral Form CEG”.

The form should auto populate – leaving it for the clinician and patient to complete their preferences and course selection. We hope it makes the referral process quicker and easier as well as helping to promote the wide range of courses we offer.

Please continue to refer patients. Online sessions are now available for EDDI, and are being developed for other courses. Where there is not yet virtual offer in place, the team is able to signpost patients to online education resources / eLearning courses.


Diabetes care in care homes

Diabetes UK now have Care Home Online modules, these can be found under the ‘Resources’ section of this link: https://www.diabetes.org.uk/professionals/resources/shared-practice/diabetes-care-in-care-homes.

Shaine Mehta, clinical lead for Diabetes

Diabetes Clinical Lead

Shaine Mehta

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Community DSN referral criteria

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Diabetes and Covid-19 Support

Download PDF, 552.07 KB

Diabetes eye screening

Download PDF, 389.31 KB

Diabetes infographics

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Diabetes Structured Education

Download PDF, 248.2 KB

Diabetes: Safe driving and the DVLA

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Education Referral Form for Diabetes

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Established Type 1 Diabetes Pathway

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HDC Diabetes Pathway - established type 1

Download PDF, 99.32 KB

HDC Diabetes Pathway - established type 2

Download PPTX, 138.47 KB

HDC Diabetes Pathway - newly diagnosed type 1

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HDC Pathway LCD

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HDC Pathway Newly Type 2 Diabetes SYMPTOMATIC URGENT

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Prevention and management of hypoglycaemia

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Primary Care Toolkit for Type 1 Diabetes

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Download PDF, 285.38 KB

Sharps bin disposal and ordering

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Treatment of Hypoglycaemia

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Turkish translation - Diabetes in Pregnancy

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Turkish translation - Best Carbohydrate Choices

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Turkish translation - Blood Glucose Diary Pre-Conception

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Turkish translation - Blood Glucose Monitoring Diary

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Turkish translation - Diabetes and Foot Care

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Turkish translation - Hypoglycaemia

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Turkish translation - Physical Activity and Diabetes

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Turkish translation - What is Diabetes?

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