Coronavirus: Advice for patients with Diabetes

Coronavirus: Changes to Diabetes services

Diabetes support tools for patients with type 1 diabetes

Advice and Guidance

Homerton provide diabetes advice and guidance, view the advice and guidance page for contact details. 


Referral form for Diabetes Education delivered by Hackney Diabetes Centre – now available on EMIS!

There is now a new diabetes education referral form for EMIS (please view within downloads section).

You can find it on EMIS via “document” (within a patient consultation) > “create letter” > Search “RP Hackney Diabetes Centre Referral Form CEG”.

The form should auto populate – leaving it for the clinician and patient to complete their preferences and course selection. We hope it makes the referral process quicker and easier as well as helping to promote the wide range of courses we offer.

Please continue to refer patients. Online sessions are now available for EDDI, and are being developed for other courses. Where there is not yet virtual offer in place, the team is able to signpost patients to online education resources / eLearning courses.


Diabetes care in care homes

Diabetes UK now have Care Home Online modules, these can be found under the ‘Resources’ section of this link: https://www.diabetes.org.uk/professionals/resources/shared-practice/diabetes-care-in-care-homes.

Shaine Mehta, clinical lead for Diabetes

Diabetes Clinical Lead

Shaine Mehta

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Last updated: Aug 20th, 2020
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