Autistic residents’ feedback on GP services

•    Consultation feedback on how to create accessible GP services in City and Hackney

•    Feedback report from autistic residents on their experiences using local GP services and what would help us to be more accessible

Training and learning resources: 

•    The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism – e-learning for healthcare ( Tier one 

•    Autism training for GPs -Peer to Peer Learning pack NHS ENGLAND

•    City and Hackney learning pack: supporting autistic clients visiting their healthcare setting or GP practice

•    Autistic friendly neighbourhoods jargon buster 

•    Supporting communication with autistic people in healthcare settings
•    Health and care services: Improving physical health for autistic people and people with learning disabilities | Sheffield Mental Health Guide
•    Autistic SPACE: a framework for meeting the needs of autistic people in healthcare settings.

Autistic friendly GP practices:

•    Autistic friendly checklist for PCNs and Healthcare settings (paper version)

•    Autistic friendly checklist for PCNs and Healthcare settings (digital version)

•    How to use the Autistic friendly checklists video

•    Autistic friendly checklist for PCN and Healthcare settings – supplementary information pack. This is a resource with helpful links and tips to get you started on your autistic friendly practice plan.

•    Autistic friendly standards (paper version)

•    Autistic friendly standards (digital version)

Reasonable adjustment resources 

•    Text message to send out for autistic patients booking appointments

•    Information on making general appointments more predictable in your practice: an example at Beechwood medical centre 

•    List of reasonable adjustments for neurodivergent patients – an example from Richmond Road Medical centre

•    Top tips for supporting autistic people coming for an appointment 

•    Pain: some autistic people find it hard to use a traditional rating scale to rate their pain and can find these abstract. This one might be more useful 
•    NHS England: Making information and the words we use accessible

•    NHS England: Sensory friendly resource pack

•    Health passport
o    The National Autistic Society (NAS) health passport is designed to help autistic people communicate their needs to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Autistic people can complete the passport and take it to health appointment with them. It can help support professionals to make the appropriate reasonable adjustments (regarding communication and the physical environment). Guidance on how to complete the passport can be found here

o    Here is a downloadable copy of the Homerton Healthcare passport and the Barts Health NHS trust passport

Local support: 
•    Local offer autism information 

•    Services for autistic people (

•    Learning disability and Autism service at Homerton Hospital 

•    City and Hackney carers parent & carers forum

•    HIP (Hackney independent forum) run a number of Whatsapp groups for parents 

•    Health Checks for Autistic Adults | Health Checks for Autistic Adults | Newcastle University (

•    Reasonable Adjustment Flag - NHS Digital

•    Autistic friendly neighbourhoods newsletters