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Temporary one-stop Homerton Heart Failure Service Model During Covid for patients who need to be seen urgently

This will be running until further notice (from January 2021) and will be reviewed and re-adjustments may be made if needed.


Please see referral guidance and referral form in the Downloads section.

The referrals for new suspected heart failure patients will be reviewed and triaged by Dr Dutta-Roy and Dr Bowker twice a week who will arrange either urgent/semi-urgent follow up in our one-stop heart failure clinic or defer the appointment to after the COVID period, where appropriate.

For patients with decompensated known heart failure ACERS Heart Failure Team can be contacted if the patient is known to them, otherwise advice can be sought via the GP Advice and Guidance Service.

Urgent cases with pulmonary oedema, suspected ACS or malignant arrhythmias still need to come in urgently to A&E.


ACERS Community Heart Failure Service

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the heart failure nursing team continues to provide the service in an altered capacity.  Routine appointments have been changed to telephone consultations.  Any patients at risk of admission to hospital for heart failure decompensation can be seen urgently at home.  Post discharge patients will also continue to be supported by phone reviews and home visits as required. This will continue until the pandemic resolves.

Please email referrals to e-rs referrals are suspended.