Meet the Website Team

In 2018, City & Hackney CCG commissioned Camden CCG to produce a City & Hackney replica of their award winning GP Website. The Camden GP Website has won the User Experience UK Best Public Sector Award. The Awards recognise excellence in user-focused digital or service design. They are a celebration of great and innovative UX offerings from organisations that take pride in offering the best possible online or joined-up experience.

The judges awarded NHS Camden CCG the award because GP Website presents information clearly, in an easy-to-access way, and functions well with good user experience within the public/government sector.

City & Hackney CCG are delighted to be a part of this on-going collaborative website development.


Curtis Whyte, CCG Head of Membership Engagement

Curtis has been working at the CCG since 2013 and oversees the CCG GP Website, GP Education Programme and  administers the Clinical Leadership Programme