Advice on Dementia wellbeing during Covid-19 is available in the Downloads section.

Welcome to the Dementia topic page. On here you will find information on the following:

  • The Dementia Alliance
  • CMC Care Plans and Dementia Care
  • Reconciliation of City and Hackney Dementia Lists
  • Safeguarding adults with dementia during COVID-19
  • Useful Resources for Patients
  • Useful Contacts

The CH Dementia Service (CHDS) (formally known as the memory clinic) is also linked from this page.

Patient, carer and family engagement and communication during the COVID-19 pandemic


The Dementia Alliance (DA)

The DA provides expert knowledge and support and make recommendations for improved dementia care. It does this by bringing together key stakeholders and system partners from across health, social care, third sector and community groups to work in a more integrated and collaborative way to develop a sustainable, holistic approach to dementia care and support across the care pathways; reduce duplications and barriers to access.

Key priorities:

Carers Support; Care Navigation & Mapping; Care Planning; Urgent & Crisis Care; Support for Care Homes and housing with care schemes

System Improvements:

  • •The new CH Dementia Service
  • Use of CMC for all patients with dementia 
  • Reconciliation of all dementia lists-Alzheimer’s Society, GP, Homerton Hospital and Carers First lists with ELFT list

For more information or to contact the Dementia Alliance, please refer to the contact section.


CMC Care Plans and Dementia Care

Following negotiation and agreement with CMC Team and the CCG, CMC care plans are now applicable to all patients with dementia to facilitate better crisis management by urgent care services especially out of hours. The dementia service has a dedicated CMC Coordinator with responsibility to create CMC care plans for:

  • All patients with dementia not currently on CMC
  • All patients with dementia following a diagnosis
  • Update existing CMC care plans where a dementia diagnosis is missing

To ensure created CMC care plans are approved and published in a timely manner, in some instances, the CMC Coordinator may need to liaise with GPs for some or all of the following mandatory information:

  • Prognosis Details
  • Preferences - Preferred Place of Care and Preferred Place of Death
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Discussion
  • Ceiling of Treatment

The CMC Coordinator will also require GPs to confirm if a discussion has not taken place yet with the patients and or their families.


Reconciliation of City and Hackney Dementia lists

The dementia services has recently undertaken a piece of work to reconcile all available dementia lists: Alzheimer’s Society, Primary Care (GPs), Homerton Hospital and Carers First lists with ELFT database (RiO) to ensure data consistency across the system and to facilitate patients recall into the dementia service.

Following the lists reconciliation, the dementia service has written to GPs to request some clarifications and additional information where they have been some inconsistencies. Confirmation of the requested information will ensure accuracy of data across all systems.

For more information on CMC care plans mandatory information or dementia lists reconciliation, please contact the CMC Coordinator-please refer to contact section for details.


Safeguarding adults with dementia during COVID-19

Click here for advice on safeguarding adults with dementia during COVID-19, from the Social Care Institute of Excellence.


Useful Resources for Patients

Dementia Fact Sheet- you can download and print off free fact sheets from the Alzheimer’s Society website.


CH Dementia Covid-19 Guide in different languages:

English, Bangla, Chinese, French, Greek, GujaratiPolish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese.


CH Dementia Carers Guide – an information and support guide for carers, families and friends of people living with dementia 

CH Guide to Dementia and Family Relationships-a guide to help families understand and manage dementia in the family

Dementia Telephone Communication Tips- Simple tips on how to communicate with people living with dementia over the phone

These can all be found in the Downloads section on the right-hand side of this page.


Memory concerns in under 65's

Please consider Functional neurological disorder (FND) but if in doubt please refer and Dr Teper will screen the referral. If she concludes that this is not dementia or MCI, she will give feedback to the GP rather than arranging to review the patient.

Here is a useful patient resource to explain FND.

This decision-making guide for GPs, produced by RCGP, is useful when considering whether a younger person may have dementia.


Antipsychotic prescribing in dementia

The use of antipsychotic drugs in dementia has been reported to be associated with an increased risk of cerebrovascular events and mortality. NICE advice states that a person living with dementia should only try an antipsychotic if they are at risk of harming themselves or others, or if they are severely distressed. The anti-psychotic should be tried alongside other activities to try to help their distress.  In City and Hackney our rates of anti-psychotic prescribing in people with dementia are lower than the average for England. If you feel a person with dementia may need an antipsychotic medication, please discuss this first with the C&H Dementia Service (see contact list below).



Useful Contacts

Dementia Service (Advice, Information and Guidance)

Duty Desk (ELFT): 0203 222 8500

East London Alzheimer's Society: 020 8533 0091

Alzheimer’s Society National Dementia Connect Support Line: 0333 150 3456. Phone support available 7 days a week. Mon to Wed: 9am-8pm; Thurs & Fri: 9am-5pm; Sat & Sun: 10am-4pm. More information here.

Lead Consultant: Dr Emma Teper email:


Linked Neighbourhoods Practitioners (CPN is the lead practitioner for each neighbourhood)

Clissold Park and Woodberry Wetlands:

CPN/Dementia Nurse Alain Michel Nana email:

Dementia Navigator Abigail Igbokwe email:

Cilla Weekes email:


Hackney Downs and Springfield Park

CPN/Dementia Nurse Diana Okoukoni email:

Dementia Navigator Siobhan Cronin email:


Hackney Marshes and Well Street Common

CPN/Dementia Nurse Jenny-Louise Petchey email:

Dementia Navigator Claire Wheeler email:


London Fields and Shoreditch Park and City

CPN/Dementia Nurse  Christabel Kapochina email:

Dementia Navigator Carol Feldon email:

Joyce Tomlinson email:


CMC Coordinator

Andrew Whipp email:


General Information and Programme of Works

Martina Agho email: