Community Dietetic Service

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Under Review — this page was due to be reviewed by 8 March 2024. The information shown here may be outdated.

Community based service to promote good nutrition to help prevent disease, improve quality of life and aid recovery.

The service offers:

  • Weight Management for Children and Young People (for overweight and obese 0—18 year olds

  • Children and Young People Dietetic Service

  • Adult Community Dietetic

Eligibility criteria


  • requiring nutritional support to prevent malnutrition
  • prescribed  oral nutritional supplements
  • requiring enteral tube  feeding
  • with diagnosed nutritional deficiencies (e.g. vitamin and mineral)
  • diagnosed with Gastro problems such as IBS diverticulitis, Dyspepsia, Chronic constipation and diarrhoea who have had first-line advice
  • diagnosed with hyperlipidaemia and single food allergy
  • poor nutrition in pregnancy (obesity/ malnutrition)
  • requiring weight management advice, who do not meet  the inclusion eligibility criteria for the GLL Tier2 adult obesity service; Healthier Together
  • discharged from  the hospital  who need to be followed up in community


How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs

Directly by telephone
Via a website
Editable PDF / Word document Download Form

Referral methods: Email