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A monitoring service designed to allow GP’s to care for their COVID + patients in the community for up to 14 days and escalate to secondary care if/when appropriate. 

Results provided within 2 hours of making the referral.

If the technician takes a reading of 93% - 94% in the OOH period they will escalate this to the Hot Hub GP (Mon – Fri 18:30 – 20:00) or GP OOH (Sat and Sun) for clinical management.

Readings below 93% will be escalated to 999 as per national guidance.

Eligibility criteria


•    Patient currently resident in City and Hackney or within an 0.5mile radius of the borough boundaries
•    Patient registered with a City and Hackney GP
•    Face to face or virtual assessment complete
•    Patients who do NOT have diagnosed chronic respiratory disease (confirmed via spirometry, or suspected after peak flow monitoring in the current time or by a secondary care respiratory team)
•    Symptomatic
•    Aged 65 or older OR
•    Under 65 years and clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID. (The Clinically Extremely Vulnerable to COVID list should be used as the primary guide. Clinical judgement can apply and take into account multiple additional COVID risk factors; for the most part, it is anticipated that this will already have led to inclusion on the CEV list. National criteria for inclusion on the CEV list are set and updated by the Government.) 

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs

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Referral methods: Email

  • Technician hours  10:00am – 8:30pm
  • Mon – SunFirst referral accepted by receptionist at 9:00am
  • Last referral accepted at: 7:00pm

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Review date: Nov 26th, 2021