Direct Access Colonoscopy

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Please provide your patient with the information leaflet here on what to expect during their appointment.

See Lower GI pathway here for details of which services to use.

Eligibility criteria


• Strong FH CRC (colonoscopy recommended at age 50-55 if asymptomatic) 
           o CRC in 1 first degree relatives aged <50 years 
           o CRC in 2 FDR of any age 
           o See BSG website: ‘Colonoscopy in High Risk groups’ for more information 

• Polyp surveillance 
          o Previous adenomatous polyps 
          o See BSG guidlines for Post-polypectomy Surveillance


  • Mental health problems or dementia (would they tolerate bowel prep and procedure; capacity to sign consent)
  • Recent MI or CVA within 8w
  • eGFR <30
  • Patient body weight >135kg
  • Had full colonoscopy within last 2y