Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme

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A behaviour change programme for people aged 16 and over who have behaved abusively in the context of intimate or family relationships.  We help our clients to

  • Recognise abusive behaviours and the warning signs
  • Develop and practice ways to have safe and respectful conflict with (ex) partners and family members
  • Recognise the effects of their abuse on family members
  • Become accountable for their abusive behaviours  

We offer group and individual programmes. See below.


The Better Man group programme for men who have used abuse against intimate partners is delivered over 26 sessions, with each session lasting 2.5 hours.  We offer evening and daytime groups in Hackney.


The individual programme is offered to those who have behaved abusively but for whom the Better Man group is not appropriate e.g. men who do not speak English, women who have used violence, trans men/women, gay men, those whose abuse is targeted at family members. We adapt the programme to take into account the relationship context and dynamic.


(Ex) partners are contacted as a matter of course to inform them of clients' involvement in the programme and offer support.   

Eligibility criteria


  • The client has used behaviour which constitutes domestic abuse, including coercive and controlling behaviour.
  • They admit to some use of abusive behaviour to their partner, even if they struggle to label it as 'abuse', and want to work on changing their behaviour.
  • They reside in Hackney or have children who reside in Hackney.


Cannot be referred if

  • Client is aged under 16 years.
  • Client's behaviour does not constitute domestic abuse.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, Nurses, Any professional

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Referral methods: Email

Following referral the client is invited to suitability screening appointment at our offices. In some cases we request a 3-way meeting with the referrer and client where we feel it will support the assessment/programme participation.


We recommend that a professional makes the referral rather than asking the patient to self-refer.  

Patients can self-refer by contacting DAIS directly.

t: 020 8356 4458/4459




Domestic Abuse Intervention Service

Service is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.