IRIS Domestic Violence Guidance & Resources for GPs

COVID -19 Domestic Abuse and Domestic violence Guidance

As you will be aware COVID-19 brings many challenges for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, and challenges for specialist services and for healthcare practitioners in responding to domestic abuse. 

For the current unprecedented situation IRIS has developed the attached guidance for clinicians, advising on how to safely and appropriately manage domestic violence and abuse discussions and disclosures during telephone/video calls.

IRIS will continue to accept referrals in the usual way and are here to provide ongoing support and advice to clinicians during this time as well as (telephone) support for patients.

RCGP guidance -

Covid-19 Guidance for GP teams on Domestic Violence

IRIS Referral Form

If you would like guidance and support with a victim of domestic abuse case and or access IRIS training please make contact our local IRIS service via - Please do not share any patient identifiable details.


If you need to send us anything securely relating to MARAC or legal documents please make contact with our local IRIS service via