Cervical Screening and Colposcopy Update (12.06.20)


Cervical Screening and Colposcopy Update- 12.06.20

Cervical Screening

  • Currently seeing approximately 42 patients per week- normal rate is >90
  • Continuing to see patients who have high grade abnormalities (CIN2 or 3 or endocervical abnormalities) and women who need treatment (LLETZ/Loop Diathermy)
  • If patients are shielding, please flag to the team so that appropriate arrangements can be made
  • Patients with low grade abnormalities (borderline or mild changes in the presence of the high risk human papilloma virus) or routine symptomatic referrals have been deferred- approximately 420 patients. They will be contacted about a new appointment soon. 
  • Patients who presented with a mild abnormality last year (CIN1, mild dyskaryosis or borderline changes) or who have had LLETZ treatment have been asked to have their follow-up in the community- GP/Sexual Health. These patients should be prioritised. They may present with a letter from HUH. If the patient required colposcopy then they have been directed to the acute. This is in line with updated NSCP guidelines.

Recent guidance: http://coronavirus.wel.nhs.sitekit.net/covid-updates/recovery-of-the-nhs-cervical-screening-programme-in-london/111227


General Advice

  • Please refer as necessary to colposcopy- do not hold referrals as they are triaged and prioritised accordingly
  • Gynae Advice and Guidance also available if you need input from a specialist


Community Gynaecology and Complex Contraception

  • Both services are looking to resume services and are reviewing waiting lists. Looking to see new patients from August.


Sexual Health

Practices can continue to provide LARC services to all appropriate patients using appropriate PPE and will be paid accordingly. As per FSRH guidance here, it is also possible to extend the use of current LARCs.

Where possible and appropriate during this time, if you do not offer LARC, rather than referring your patients to sexual health clinics such as the Ivy Centre or the Clifden centre, please refer your patients to one of the following Hub practices:



Accepting referrals from PCN or quadrant practices

Email address to send referrals


Coils for all City & Hackney practices


Spring Hill






Lower Clapton







If there are any queries about the above, please contact Dr Anita Coutinho, Gynae Clinical Lead on anita.coutinho@nhs.net