Step Up

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Step helps Hackney residents or those registered with hackney GP’s, so find and sustain volunteering opportunities, in order to empower clients to lead rich and fulfilling lives.


Support Step Up offers our clients 
•    tailored, one to one support, so our support is individual for that particular client.
•    Finding and sustaining both volunteer and employment roles.
•    Searching for roles, applying, filling out application, site visits, wellbeing checks
•    Life coaching or training sessions- setting goals, exploring barriers, improving resilience, confidence, employability.
•    Monthly coffee mornings, activities vary.

We also have links to their services who also work with us so we are also able to offer-
•    Training
•    Therapies
•    Social activities
•    Befriending

We have a database of over 300 volunteer roles that can be accessed through our website. If you have clients who do not fit our criteria but still need some support to improve their CV’s you can also send them over to the brokerage team at VCH and they would be happy to assist clients to register and find roles.  

Step Up support will hopefully  empower members to confidently live their lives, without our support, the timeframe for this will be different for different members, as such we do not have a time limit for how long a member can stay on the project.

Eligibility criteria


Our criteria is quite simple,
•    Suffer from an diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health issue
•    Hackney residents
•    18+

How to refer

Self-referral Download Form

It’s easy to apply people can self-refer via , give us a call on 0207 241 4443, E-mail – the referral form is attached.

t: 0207 241 4443