Minor Ailments Service

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Under Review — this page was due to be reviewed by 28 November 2023. The information shown here may be outdated.

HEALTH FIRST PHARMACY – a revised minor ailments service from community pharmacies in C&H launches on 14th September 2020

Health First Pharmacy is a 2 year pilot and MMT would welcome feedback from practices and service users about the service

Key resources about this service on this page are:

  • FAQs for the service with a focus on the differences between HFP and Pharmacy First
  • A short version of the FAQs so that reception staff can keep a copy to hand  to enable them to check on patient eligibility, conditions included in the service and referral information
  • A webinar aimed at practice reception staff to enable them to signpost patients appropriately to Health First Pharmacy
  • Treatment protocols for the 19 conditions
  • The formulary for the medicines available for each condition
  • The details of the C&H community pharmacies providing the service (To follow)



Eligibility criteria


Health First Pharmacy (HFP) is replacing the previous Pharmacy First service. The main differences with HFP include:

  • Service now only available for those considered, ‘socially vulnerable.’ This is  mainly people who are exempt from ℞ charges in income related categories ( full details in the FAQs)
  • Now only covers 19 conditions – previously there were 27
  • Service now aligns with national guidance on OTC medicines so conditions considered to be self-limiting have been removed.
  • Each patient can only receive  4 consultations from HFP in any 6 month period
  • HUHFT A&E will be able to refer patients  - details to be finalised for this
  • There are additional quality assurance criteria built into the service specification.  

How to refer


GP practices can refer by email to the patient’s community pharmacy of choice. Practices will no longer need to use the referral vouchers as the HFP IT system can confirm that the patient is registered with a C&H practice. OR

Patients can self-refer as long as they have some form of ID.