Healthier Together Hackney

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The Healthier Together Hackney (HTH) Service is excited to start welcoming Hackney residents back as we restart our physical activity on referral and weight management programmes across the Better Leisure Centres.

The Healthier Together Hackney (HTH) Service welcomes all Hackney residents to the Better Leisure Centres for our Lifestyle Weight Management and Physical Activity on Referral programmes.

The Healthier Together service has been designed to promote physical activity, mental wellbeing and healthy eating, and improving people’s health in order to support the reduction of health inequalities in Hackney. Our programmes play a key role in supporting the local community with both physical and mental health.

Healthier Together offers face to face appointments and group based programmes (weight management) 5 days a week, between 8am and 8pm on weekdays. Participants can select which of our main three leisure centres that they would like to attend or one of our community venues which may offer a welcome alternative to the leisure centre environment.

Around the Leisure Centres there will be:

  • Staff present to assist with questions and queries about the health programme and the leisure centres as a whole.
  • A safe and supportive environment and support system for patients, in order to elicit change and successful healthy habits in their lifestyles.
  • PPE available for anyone who wishes to wear this during their appointments.
  • Sanitisation stations that customers should use in between activities and using any equipment.
  • Staff cleaning the gym, equipment and spaces with disinfectant regularly throughout the day.

What is Healthier Together Hackney?

Healthier Together Hackney is a healthy lifestyle programme, commissioned by the London Borough of Hackney, designed to support patients to lose weight and get active.

The service offers both weight management and physical activity on referrals pathways for participants and has been designed to tackle ill-health related to obesity and physical inactivity. For more information, click here.

You can refer patients to one of two interventions:

  1. Lifestyle Weight Management – Our Tier 2 multi-component programme offers group work shops which deliver healthy lifestyle advice including but not limited to education around portions, metabolism, routines, sleep, mood, relapse and so on. The workshops are blended with exercise, where there is a one hour workshop, followed by one hour of supported physical activity.  The programme includes a 12 week free membership to use our Better Leisure Centres, including access to the gym, swimming and exercise classes as well as a subsidised membership for up to 2 years post completion of the programme.
  2. Physical Activity on Referral – this intervention is designed to support inactive individuals to safely increase their activity level and become self sufficient at achieving the recommended daily activity guidelines. The programme offers one to one gym based exercise support over a 12 week period as well as access to range of exercise classes suitable to individual needs. This intervention also includes a 12 week free membership as well as a subsidised membership on completion.

Where is the programme available?

Healthier Together sessions are delivered from a number of leisure centres and community venues across the borough.

  • Britannia Leisure Centre
  • Clissold Leisure Centre
  • Kings Hall Leisure Centre

Community venues will change throughout the year to focus on areas with greater health improvement needs. Our team of advisors will help each participant to find a suitable location to access the programme.

How do I make a Referral?

To refer please complete the referral form. Please contact our Healthier Together advisors for electronic versions of the referral forms or help with queries regarding making a referral.
To best enable a successful referral, and avoid the Healthier Together Hackney Team from contacting you for further detail or action, please remember to:

•    Discuss the programme with the individual concerned and ensure that they ready to undertake a 12 week programme based around behaviour change and the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviours
•    Use our Healthier Together referral form and complete in full, detailing as much information as possible
•    Obtain your patients consent to be contacted by our team
•    Please note, breastfeeding and pregnant women are not eligible for the 12 week weight management course at this time, however can be referred for physical activity on referral to support health and weight loss. But this must be noted on their referral form

For Physical Activity on Referral

Need a rehabilitation exercise programme tailored to support recovery from specific conditions including: Cardiac, Stroke, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Neuromuscular Disease or acute Muscular-skeletal injury
Unstable/uncontrolled moderate/severe mental health condition
Those with contraindications for exercise according to current British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) guidelines
Please note: Any referrals with an unstable and/or limiting physical or mental condition will be referred back to their GP to access specialist support, as appropriate.

Referrals can be sent via:

Email from an NHS.NET email account:

Post: Healthier Together Hackney, Kings Hall Leisure Centre, 39 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, E5 0NU

For more information please call the Healthier Together Hackney Team on: 0203 903 7245

Eligibility criteria


•    Aged 18 years or over
•    Hackney resident, or, if non Hackney resident, registered with a Hackney GP
•    Ready to make significant changes to their daily habits
•    In need of structured support to make lifestyle changes
•    At least one of:
                         o    Obese (BMI >30 or 27.5 BAME) or overweight (BMI >25 or 23.5 BAME) with factors for; Type 2 diabetes or CVD
                         o    Inactive (≤ 30 minutes physical activity per week) with risk factors/health conditions amenable to physical activity
                         o    Initial asses



For Lifestyle Weight Management
•    Pregnant or breastfeeding
•    A diagnosed eating disorder
•    Co-morbidity or underlying medical cause of obesity which requires medical intervention
•    Unstable/uncontrolled moderate/ severe mental health condition


How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, Nurses

Directly by telephone