City and Hackney ADHD Service (18+)

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We offer new patient assessment, diagnosis, medication testing and titration with 12-month annual reviews to adults (18+) living in City and Hackney.

What we offer:

Currently we offer new patient assessment, medical reviews for patients with an existing diagnosis of ADHD, medication testing and titration and 12 month annual reviews.  We are planning to offer non-pharmacological interventions in the near future such as psychological therapy, group interventions and psychoeducation.

This service is not an urgent care service and we do not offer care co-ordination or crisis care.  For urgent clinical matters please contact the City & Hackney 24 hour crisis line: 0800 073 0006

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Eligibility criteria


This service is for adults (18+) who reside in the City and Hackney area who would benefit from an assessment of ADHD or who have an existing diagnosis of ADHD and require medical and/or medication review and other advice and interventions.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: