Body and Soul

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Body & Soul supports children, teenagers and families living with, or closely affected by, HIV, who live in the City of London and Hackney.

It provides an array of support, including peer support groups and information workshops for children, teenagers and adults; one-to-one counselling with mental health professionals; information and advocacy on issues, such as health and treatment, welfare, human rights and immigration; and much more.

They are currently accepting new referrals which can be done by completing their online referral form. Once complete, a member of staff will get in touch to arrange a time to register the person either being referred or referring themselves.

To find out more about Body & Soul’s services and how to become a member, please call 020 7923 6880 or email Body & Soul.

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Last updated: Jul 9th, 2021
Review date: Jul 8th, 2022