Adult Community Rehabilitation Team (ACRT)

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Under Review — this page was due to be reviewed by 27 November 2023. The information shown here may be outdated.
  • Help people make choices about their disability and adjust to the impact on their lives
  • Help clients to manage their health conditions and maximise their independence
  • Help people access community services such as leisure centres and voluntary organisations
  • Prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital
  • Provide specialist intervention for progressive neurological conditions such as MS, MND, Parkinson’s' Disease, acquired brain injury, including stroke
  • Help clients to improve their function following hospital admission
  • Offer a range of other groups to suit patient needs 

Eligibility criteria


  • Presents with a progressive or non-progressive neurological or physical condition, including patients with a palliative diagnosis
  • Requires a non-intensive, uni/multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation (i.e. no more than one home visit per week)
  • Has a progressive neurological condition
  • Has therapy goals that are community-based or can be addressed as a neuro outpatient—completion of goals are not time-bound
  • Requires intervention in any location e.g. home (including residential and nursing home), local community, place of work or study
  • Requires specific one-off assessment e.g. swallowing assessment, walking aid assessment



  • Patients who are currently hospital inpatients (refer to ACRT on or after date of discharge)
  • Patients who do not require rehabilitation/have no goals
  • Referrals for equipment only