On this page, please find information to support your consultations on vaccinations & Immunisations. New services and pathways will be tagged to this page:

City & Hackney Immunisations Network 

An immunisations & vaccinations communications bulletin is produced monthly and sent to immunisation leads in City & Hackney team. It contains a round-up of the month's news, key messages and campaign resources. To be added to this mailing list, or for support vaccinations at your practice, contact the City & Hackney Vaccination Clinical Lead robert.moore9@nhs.net.

For support with queries on childhood immunisations at your practice contact the City & Hackney Childhood Immunisation Programme Manager bryn.white@nhs.net

For an overview of all NHS information regarding immunisations and vaccinations, visit the NHS vaccinations page. The Green Book has the latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures for vaccine-preventable infectious diseases in the UK. The NHS England London Immunisations page contains authorised PGDs, contact details for  immunisation queries, and other useful resources.

Visit the e-Learning for healthcare website to register for the immunisation training course.

Named immunisation leads

All practices are required to have a named vaccination/immunisation lead. This is part of the NICE guidance (NG218)  for vaccine uptake in the general population and is also a contractual requirement for practices. To help decide on the best person to be your immunisation lead, the following description from the GMS Contract may be useful:

The role of the named lead includes:

●    Taking responsibility for the oversight of these services, including that core standards are being met and that opportunities for vaccination are maximised within the practice
●    To disseminate information to the right people in your practice, depending on the content of email communications
●    Working with others within and without the practice, including primary care networks, NHS England public health commissioning, Child Health Information Services (CHIS), school-aged vaccination services (SAIS) and local authority public health colleagues (who work with health visitors and school nursing teams), to understand the current position and where this can be improved if required.

It is recommended that practices consider having two immunisation leads: one clinical (likely a nurse) and one non-clinical (likely an administrator). This model is effective as one of the leads can focus on the clinical side of immunisations (e.g. discussions with hesitant parents, understanding the process for parents around immunising their child) and the other can focus on the administrative side (e.g. ordering immunisations, having appointment slots available, organising immunisation sessions, leading call/recall).