NHS City and Hackney CCG GPIT - Service Desk

The GP IT Support Service in City and Hackney is provided by NEL CSU, who have commissioned Egton to provide the following: Service desk and desktop support service The service desk team is there to provide and support the information technology that is essential for GP surgeries to run in an efficient and effective manner. The support includes but not limited to the following:

Hardware – servers, PCs, printers, scanners, multi-function devices
Software – MS Windows, MS Office, MS Server, EMIS Web, Tquest, HIE/eLPR
Network – switches, internal cabling, BT N3 connection
Email – NHS Mail

Opening Hours

Support hours are: Mon–Fri: 07:00 – 20:00, Sat: 08:00 – 13:00. 


You can contact the Egton helpdesk through any of the following:


In the event that an IT issue reported to the service desk is not dealt with in a timely and efficient manner, it can be escalated to the following GP IT Manager:

Ed Keating – GP IT Manager, NEL CSU – ekeating@nhs.net

More detail on the process for escalation is included in the download section.

Smart Cards

For smart cards issues please call the local Registration Authority (RA) on 0300 303 2733

Process for requesting additional equipment

As our GP IT service provider, NEL CSU have developed a business case template to be completed by practices. Should a practice require additional hardware they should complete the template and submit to the CSU nelcsu.welcgpitrequests@nhs.net

The CSU will then send an engineer to check the room in which the additional equipment will be installed to ensure there is adequate space and sufficient power points. Once confirmed the CSU will forward the business case to the CCG for approval providing information as to whether the CCG has the required equipment in stock.

The CCG will then take a decision on whether to approve the business case. If the CCG do not have the requested equipment in stock, the decision is contingent on whether there are approved capital funds available or there is money available from the CCG’s GP IT budget.


Although the CCG wishes to be supportive to practices by providing additional equipment when requested, resources are limited. As such, approval will be granted only when practices can demonstrate a clear benefit to service provision, either through maximisation of unused space to increase clinical capacity at the practice or to improve administrative efficiency and productivity.

If you have any questions about this process please email thomas.clark2@nhs.net