Practice GP IT Facilitator Raymond Berry visits practices annually to carry out GP IT Reviews covering the following topics:


National / Local Programme Utilisation and Patient Online Performance:

  • EPS Overall Utilisation
  • EPS - eRD
  • SCR and Additional Information
  • GP2GP
  • POL
  • POL Documents Activated
  • POL Patient Demographics Activated
  • tQuest Utilisation
  • e-Referral Service
  • e-Referral Service Advice And Guidance
  • eLPR (HIE) Utilisation And Training
  • Action Plan For National Programme Targets


Data Sharing Agreement Support

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Arrangements

IG Compliance

EOL Care Co-ordination Requirements

Training Provision to Support Adoption and Use of SNOMED CT

Training Initiatives / Training Needs Analysis Annually:

  • Training Initiatives
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Practice Training Days Per Year


Agree Checkpoints to Jointly Present Finding of Formal Reviews

Additional (Local) Requirements:

  • Workflow Inboxes Checked
  • Smartcards
  • PDS Patient Demographic Service
  • EMIS My Incidents (formerly Tracker)
  • EMIS Support Centre
  • Issues with EMIS Web System
  • Issues with Egton
  • PCWT Primary Care Web Tool


Raymond is also available to support practices with ad-hoc visits to cover specific areas of GP IT should he be required. Please email