Oral Nutritional Supplements Webinar

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Management of Malnutrition and Oral Nutritional Supplements in the community

Malnutrition is under-recognised and under-treated in the UK, even though several national guidelines for detecting and managing malnutrition are available.

Oral nutritional supplements (ONS) are commercially produced and often prescribed to improve nutritional status, treat malnutrition, and have good outcomes when used appropriately.

London audit data indicate however that 57-75% of prescriptions are inappropriate (based on ACBS prescribing criteria and dietetic clinical judgment).

This training aims to provide insight into the new local guidelines on the ‘Identification, Treatment and Management of Malnutrition including the appropriate prescription of Oral Nutritional Supplements’ The following is covered:

  • Adult ONS Prescribing Guidelines and criteria
  • Malnutrition Screening and identification
  • First line management of malnutrition and referral to community dietitians
  • Prescribing and reviewing ONS, first choice ONS product to prescribe


Stela Chervenkova

Broadcast date: November 27th, 2020
Review date: Dec 9th, 2022