Long Covid and Talk Changes Webinar

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Both the primary and secondary care post-covid audits carried out in Hackney demonstrate that difficulties with mental health have been a large part of illness experience and influence recovery. These include the uncertainty of living with a still emerging condition and one that impacts both physical and social identity. Psychological support is imperative to help manage symptoms and aid function.    

As a part of the long/post covid webinar series, which aims to support practices to care for this new cohort of patients in primary care, in this Friday's education event the Talk Changes team will address these mental health challenges. They will explore ideas on self-management, identify existing and discuss potential new services.  Future webinar sessions will cover fatigue, the Your Covid Recovery app and case discussions. Previous talks on breathlessness and proposed service pathways are available on the CCG website.


Elaine Rohan, Senior CBT Therapist

Broadcast date: December 4th, 2020
Review date: Dec 9th, 2022