Diagnostics Update - Education Webinar

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Changes to diagnostics - Requesting: MSU’s, Hernias and Chronic Disease monitoring

To test or not to test?

This session is an introduction to the changes with the Pathology Partnership and a few key quality improvement initiatives for pathology and radiology. The QI initiatives have been developed in partnership with the Homerton. They aim to target the ‘low hanging fruit’- the easy wins that will make the biggest difference locally, including MSU, TFT, Statin monitoring and Hernia USS.

This session will cover:

  • Upcoming changes to pathology devices and their impact on GPs
  • Job related advice around diagnostics - MSU’s Hernias and more


Dr Paul Kelland, GP at Shoreditch Park Surgery and CCG Clinical Lead for Diagnostic, and others

Broadcast date: March 12th, 2021
Review date: Dec 12th, 2022