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The Primary Care Quality & Strategy Meetings (formerly Consortia Meeting) have a focus on driving quality in Primary Care, giving practices a voice within the City & Hackney Integrated Care Partnership and helping practices deliver the Clinical Commissioning Engagement Contract.


Information for Chairs

May meeting notes

This month is a light introduction to the new blended meeting. You can follow the agenda below or if you only have time for a brief update you can use the PCQS May Update to guide you through.


  1. PCQS May Update
  2. Feedback from Primary Care Leadership Group (CEC) - Kirsten Brown (new Primary Care Clinical Lead) is asking for suggestions for this year’s Pan City & Hackney audit to be sent to
  3. Quality Issues (Positive & Negative)

PCQS May Update

>> Download here <<

  • Proposed new name for Consortia meetings is the Primary Care Quality & Strategy Meeting (PCQS)
  • Focus of this meeting is to:
    • Identify quality issues positive and negative
    • For clinicians to influence primary care strategy such as pathways, new services and education events, following learning outcomes from audits
    • Supporting practices to deliver the CCE Contract. Workstream updates about significant changes or to ask practices opinion
    • Provide two-way feed between the Primary Care Leadership Group and Primary Care Networks
  • The new 2021-2022 CCE tracker is not available at the moment
  • Proposed changes to the tracker will be consulted on at a Members Forum this Thursday, during the second half of the Practitioner Forum
  • One of the ideas to strengthen the clinical voice is for all PCNs to streamline when and what they audit. For example, all 8 PCNs are allocated an Advice & Guidance topic to audit, such as one PCN audits urology and another audits Gynaecology. All learnings are shared with the provider, at the same time.
  • The first audit this year is likely to be on Advice and Guidance to be presented in either July or September. Confirmation and details will be provided by the Primary Care team shortly 
  • The Unplanned Care audit needs more time to be worked up, following changes to the QoF measures/ More details soon.