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The Primary Care Quality & Strategy Meetings (formerly Consortia Meeting) have a focus on driving quality in Primary Care, giving practices a voice within the City & Hackney Integrated Care Partnership and helping practices deliver the Clinical Commissioning Engagement Contract.




  1. High Users of Unplanned Care Audit
  2. Quality Issues (Positive & Negative)
  3. Confirm Advice & Guidance Audit for November


We would like all PCNs to follow the same schedule to streamline the collation of your feedback and learning outcomes to share with partners.

Proposed audit schedule below for approval:

1.            September 2021 - 1st High users of unplanned secondary care (Domain 11)
2.            November 2021 – Advice and Guidance audit 
3.            January 2022 – PAN City & Hackney audit (Details and template shared soon)
4.            March 2022 – 2nd High users of unplanned secondary care (Domain 11)