Pan City and Hackney Audit - Covid-19 2020

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This year the Planned Care workstream has agreed the audit should focus on the effects of the COVID-19 virus on our patients which may aid recovery and prepare us for the winter and a possible second wave.

Covid-19 is a multi-system condition and some of the effects are long lasting. However, knowledge of the range of impairments and disabilities associated with Covid19 is still evolving, and this audit will go some way to help develop our response at a local level.

We are particularly interested in those patients who were not admitted to hospital and are therefore not under the care of secondary Care. The aim of this exercise is 3-fold:

  1.  to determine post covid symptoms and duration
  2. review investigations and treatments used
  3. to determine the need for a local post covid rehabilitation/ support service

The audit will be supported by a CEG search and a response template. The number of patients for review will be dependent by practice size, however a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30. Where practices do not have sufficient patients who meet the criteria, we ask that you reflect on the reasons behind this and discuss at a later date with your PCN/ Consortia peers. 


The deadline for completion of the audit is Wednesday 16th September.  Send your audits to


You will find details of how to undertake the audit in the documents linked below, however, if you have any questions on the audit, please contact:

Clinical lead, Chris Carvalho