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Message from Mark Rickets regarding LAS

Please alert fellow GPs as appropriate.

As you know the health and care system is currently facing unprecedented level of activity and strain as a result of the surge in C19 cases. One consequence of this has been the impact on London Ambulance services. Currently their response times can be much longer than usual. As part of the response to this, we want to request that when referring a patient to hospital can you recommend, where possible and appropriate that patient's self-convey or use their support bubble.     
In addition,
please do contact the Homerton specialty teams as you currently would in advance of sending patients to ED. The existing specialist support from Homerton is still in place and happy to help:  

  • Contact HAMU on  bleep 900 for urgent medical advice
  • For urgent geriatrician advice please call Rapid Access Phone (Mon-Fri 9-5) on 07766 703203

Thanks for your continued hard work and support.

Expiry date: Feb 5th, 2021