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The City and Hackney Medicines Management team welcome your views on 'Health First Pharmacy', the locally funded minor ailment scheme provided through our local community pharmacies.

Health First Pharmacy (HFP) Minor Ailment Scheme (MAS) was initiated by City and Hackney (C&H) CCG in September 2020 to replace the decommissioned NHS England (NHSE) Minor Ailment Service, Pharmacy First, with an initial 2-year funding. 

The NHSE decommissioned service, Pharmacy First, enabled people to obtain over the counter (OTC) items free from the pharmacy without needing a prescription thereby freeing up GP appointments. It was particularly useful in areas of social deprivation where patients on low income often would routinely request for and attend GP appointments to obtain prescriptions for items such as paracetamol for pain and/or fever in children, antihistamines for hay fever and other allergies. 

The commissioning of HFP MAS from September 2020 ensured the continuation of  a safety net for socially vulnerable patients who could not afford to buy over the counter (OTC) medicines as part of self-care. The available data from September 2020 to January 2022 suggests the age range of the main beneficiaries of City and Hackney HFP MAS are those aged 16 years and under (63%, n=6544) and that fever is the most frequent condition (43%) managed.

The service contract for HFP MAS expires in September 2022. To inform the business case for continuing the service post September 2022, your answers to the following set of questions will be very helpful.

There are eight questions, and the survey should take no longer than 5 - 10 minutes to complete. The survey also allows you to express any other comments you may have e.g. regarding the current eligibility criteria and/or the conditions covered, and any further comments you have on the need or not for this service.

The survey is, as mentioned above to inform the City and Hackney business case, however we may at a later stage be asked for this feedback to inform the need or not for a NEL wide minor ailments service so please do factor that possible ask in your feedback.  

We value your input and appreciate your time in responding to this survey.

For more information on Health First Pharmacy, visit Minor Ailments Service.  

Expiry date: Jun 12th, 2022