GP info re: ordering oxygen

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Dear Doctors,

The City and Hackney Home Oxygen Service-Assessment and Review (HOSAR) is managed by ACERS. Some of the ACERS team are able to order oxygen but not all. If you think a patient may need oxygen at home please contact the ACERS team. The oxygen lead is Johnas Manangan.

GPs can still order oxygen for a patient if urgently needed, on the Air Liquide home oxygen portal. This would be in a palliative patient with O2 sats below 92%- it is not for breathlessness as there is no evidence of benefit. Only a concentrator or static cylinder can be ordered on a HOOF A. If any other equipment, such as portable oxygen is needed please refer straight to ACERS for assessment. The mitigation of risk is paramount to the provision of Home Oxygen Services and the introduction of the new Home Oxygen Order Form (HOOF) supports the management of HOS risk. All HOOFs now need a risk assessment as well as patient consent and you sign to state these have been completed. Please do not start oxygen in a home where someone smokes, due to the fire risk.

There is a risk that oxygen could attempt to be ordered by Fax or email, as in the past, however this won’t be processed.  Please be aware-and share with all colleagues. 

If you do order oxygen, please let ACERS know and we can then follow up the patient.

If oxygen is prescribed privately, and not via Air liquide , ACERS will not be able to review or support the patient. This is due to patient safety and governance of the equipment used.

Any questions or problems please call the ACERS team 0208 510 5107


Air Liquide HOOF A portal:

Risk assessment and consent form:

Expiry date: May 31st, 2021