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City and Hackney Community ENT Service - Important e-RS pathway update

The Community ENT Service in City and Hackney are changing from directly bookable appointments to a Referral Assessment Service within e-RS on Monday 14th December.
Due to the differing nature of Otology and Rhinology examinations during COVID and the strict measures that the service has put in place to ensure patient safety, clinical review of patients is required prior to appointment booking. This will better support a one stop model of care and ensure patients are seen in the most appropriate clinic first time.
Patients will be directed from the RAS to one of the following Community clinics:

  • Virtual Consultation
  • Face to Face consultation for Rhinology conditions
  • Face to face consultation for Otology conditions

The referral assessment outcome and appointments booked will be visible to referring clinicians if needed via the original UBRN.
New referral method from Monday 14th:

  • Create new e-RS referral as usual
  • Select the following service: City and Hackney Communitas ENT Service – Referral Assessment (THE LAWSON PRACTICE NLG 30)
  • Click ‘Submit’
  • Click ‘Send for Triage’

Please ensure that referral forms are attached at the point of referral – click ‘Add Referral Letter’

Expiry date: Dec 16th, 2021