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On Wednesday 14th of July NHS Community Voice, together with local midwives, health visitors, and other healthcare professionals from across City & Hackney hosted an informal online conversation about the COVID-19 vaccine, pregnancy, breastfeeding and fertility.

The session included:

  • Science behind the vaccine
  • An opportunity to ask about the vaccine, your baby and/or fertility
  • Personal experiences from women who have had the vaccine while pregnant
  • Health information and advice
  • How and when to book your vaccine

See our video of the video of the event and find out:

  • How we know the vaccine is safe for pregnant women.
  • How we know it’s safe in the long term as the baby is born and grows.
  • How safe it is really to get a vaccine whilst breastfeeding in the long term.
  • Which vaccine is best to get when breastfeeding.
  • Whether the vaccine affects fertility.

You can watch the video here

Following the event, we produced Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet. You can Read the fact sheet here 


Expiry date: Aug 1st, 2023