Social Prescribing Update



Due to the current situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are enabling our team members to remotely work from home. The welfare of our clients and staff is our highest priority and we are committed to continuing our support to those who need it. We have taken the decision to conduct all sessions and over the telephone until it is safe to return to normal working practices. 

We will be still providing support to individuals and families and are looking for ways to adapt our services to meet the needs of those made most vulnerable. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us at and we will get back to you.

City and Hackney Social Prescribing Service will still be providing the following:

  • Remotely check in regularly with people who are isolated, elderly, have mental and physical health conditions, or may be negatively impacted by Covid19 measures to monitor how they are coping and what support can be set up for them.
  • Provide electronic resources and services relating to each individual’s needs and issues
  • Keeping our service users updated regarding how services are adapting to support isolated people. For example, what groups are organising grocery-runs and food drop-offs for those who cannot leave the house or are self-isolating.

Please consider referring patients who you would like to be checked on, who are isolated and find it difficult to get their needs met, or are facing additional challenges due to services being affected. 

Referral method:

  • Send the referral form attached in this email to:
  • Please contact Social Prescribing Wellbeing Coordinator in your GP practice for alternative arrangements. 

We are continually monitoring the developing situation, and will take further action when necessary. Please check our website for up-to-date information.