Blood Sample Tube Change- 30/09/20



The revised planned changeover date of our current blood sample tubes to BD blood sample tubes is now Sunday 11th October 2020.

The new BD tube collection guide and conversion charts are attached, they explain the new bottle cap colours compared to ones in current use, the main tests for each tube type, the product codes and any special instructions.

Training on how to use the new BD tubes is progressing and  is available:

  • Via Microsoft Teams.

(Please contact to book Microsoft teams training sessions)

  • On site at Homerton Hospital via limited arranged requests only


  • Through the BD e learning platform:

There will be an overlap period when both types of blood sample tubes will be available. Old requests (made before the changeover date) may generate stickers that refer to the ‘old’ blood sample tubes. Any new requests (made after the changeover date) will generate stickers that refer to the new BD blood sample tubes. Both type of stickers and tubes will be accepted in the lab. If you are mix-matching old and new labels, please use the conversion chart attached to ensure the correct sample is sent to the lab.

Click here for Sarstedt to BD Converstion Chart

Click here for BD Tube Collection Guide

For further information on this project, if further clarification is required or if you have any concerns please contact or