Homeless Services


Housing/temporary accommodation

Hackney's Housing and Welfare Teams have procured two hotels and other accommodation options to help rough sleepers. For more information visit the Council’s homeslessness and temporary accommodation webpage - https://hackney.gov.uk/homelessness or to contact the team call: 020 8356 2929 and from 6pm- 020 8356 2300


Greater London Authority (GLA) are also offering additional housing outside of Hackney via Street Link. Where patients have been housed with them- patients will remain registered with their current GP and have scripts switched to a local pharmacy. Visit https://www.streetlink.org.uk/.


A COVID Care hotel has been set up in Newham for homeless patients with symptoms. Hostels/Hotels can refer using the referral form at this link if patient is symptomatic and sending it to: haltteam.cnwl@nhs.net. The UCLH Find and Treat Service will coordinate the referral if they test the patient and they are COVID positive. 


Unregistered homeless patients are being registered with Greenhouse, as well as providing housing triage, as normal. Details are:

  • Telephone: 020 8510 4490
  • Working hours: 9am-5pm



UCLH Find and Treat Service are providing testing for homeless patients housed in LBH/GLA accommodation.

To access the service, contact Al Story, Service Clinical Lead, his contact details are below:


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